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"To Dance is to Live"

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Kinder Dance A Ballet oriented class focusing on basic technique and free movement. It is designed to introduce the basics of Ballet while utilising imagination and imagery.

This class runs in a 30minute format for Girls and Boys from the age of 3. 

Pricing starts at $10 per lesson for our Kinder aged classes!!

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is offered for students aged 5 and up. Technique classes are taught using the ACB (Russian) syllabi or ATOD for students aged 5yrs and older.

Beginner to Advanced students are all catered for.

Classical Ballet offers discipline, helps with co-ordination, musicality, strength, flexibility, poise and confidence. Exams are available to students wishing to take them but are not compulsory. 


Classes for students aged 5 and up.

Tap is a great style for Boys and Girls. Modern syllabus and great routines.

Jazz / Modern Dance

Classes for students 5 to Adult, Beginner to Advanced. Faster moving than Ballet. Dance routines to various pop/rock/swing music including current radio hits. A fun dance class!! A Great class for Boys and Girls!!!!

Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is now available at Total Ballet. It is a great style for Boys and Girls alike. A more casual dance style than the Jazz but just as much fun!!


Contemporary classes are offered for Senior students. It is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of Ballet, modern dance, jazz, lyrical and free movement . 

For more Info Phone 0407522106

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